Baby Shower Ideas!


So, we threw a baby shower for my sister-in-law on Sunday and I made a few of the tokens and decoration items myself. Above is a diaper cake that I made made using disposable diapers, ribbons, bamboo skewers, tissue paper, construction paper, and what I believe is a stuffed lamb. No one can really tell what he is. Anyway, easy as pie…or maybe as cake. And super cute too! ^.^

Next up is a cupcake centrepiece I made with the help of my cousin Ameela:


And now we have some lollipops that I wrapped with pink tissue paper and ribbons. Behind them are some microwaveable popcorn that I slipped into some “Tricia is ready to pop!” covers that I made. On the left are some regular bottled water that I glued some pink construction paper on, with the words, “Oops my water broke!” for a personalised look:


Here are some lollipops that I wrapped in green tissue paper and some more bottled water:


The popcorn sleeve in the making:


I also made some token boxes but since I had no idea I would be uploading any of these onto my blog at the time, I didn’t really take any good pics of ’em. But I leave you with these anyway. 🙂

Thanks for reading and as usual,



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